Befriend Fear and Live with a Fearless Heart

Befriend Fear and Live with a Fearless Heart


Fear is an innate mechanism designed to protect our physical being when there is life- threatening danger. Like a warning light in our car – it signals us to notice and respond. What is in danger? What is being threatened? What can I do?


Many of the things that trigger fear have nothing to do with our immediate physical safety. Perhaps the only thing being threatened is our self-image, views, beliefs, inability to predict the future or control things. Or, perhaps the threat is real. Either way, we choose how we respond.


When the mind runs in circles trying to map out all possible scenarios – endlessly obsessing – fear turns to anxiety, worry, and the mind becomes agitated and unsettled.


Things to remember:

  1. The primal mood of the separated self is fear.
  2. Unfaced fear becomes toxic.
  3. Throughout history fear has been used to turn people against each other.
  4. Fear is not the enemy; fear is there to serve us. We are not meant to be used by fear.
  5. There is a vast difference between knowing you are in fear and being consumed by fear.
  6. Uncertainty and vulnerability are part of Life / Truth. If that is the root of fear – you have a bigger issue and believe your ultimate well-being resides in your physical existence.
  7. When you embrace fear as your life-long companion, it becomes sacred reverence and self- mastery and self-transcendence are possible. You open to your Higher SELF, ultimate Truth, and can live with a fearless heart. Resting in a space beyond fear.


What are you afraid of? What fear/threat do you need to face? What does fear have to do with the present moment? What is the deeper need? Do you know the deeper Truth?

What wise, compassionate action can you take?


It is well with my soul. Ultimately, I have nothing to fear. I abide in love, peace and wisdom. My actions flow from a sacred reverence for all beings and all life.

-     Rev. Darlene Strickland