BIPOC - A Conversation Between People of Color - Wednesday September 23, 7:15 PM

Rev. DeBorah Ogiste, Vernetta Eleazer and Sharon Oxendine welcome this month's Special Guest, Phillip Cooper.  A series of poor choices led Philip Cooper to become the leader he is today.

Childhood wasn’t easy for Philip “I always had a problem with self-esteem,” Phillip said.  Phillip like many young Black boys was in search of an identity, trying to find a place where he fit in the world struggling with always feeling that he was not good enough. After his mom and dad split up he and his mom moved to the projects. As with many he searched for a role model to lead the way. His search led him to become fascinated by this new culture that had been thrust upon him at such a young age. A culture filled with gangs, drug dealers and drug addicts.  Hear Philip Coopers story and how he became a Change Agent and what that means for our communities at large.

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