BIPOC Raw - Conversations Between People of Color - Wednesday April 28, 7:15 PM

Lynn Heikes is half Korean and half Caucasian. At the age of 4, she was adopted by a white family in Kansas and grew up in an almost entirely Caucasian community. Throughout her life, she has lived in variety of places including Korea, Ireland, Central America and several regions of the U.S. 

Being an Asian-Caucasian girl growing up in a farming community in Kansas, Lynn did not completely fit into any ethnic group. At times she was the target of racism, other times she witnessed racism. Caucasians felt comfortable expressing their prejudices to her, because she grew up with them in the same environment. Minorities felt comfortable sharing their experiences of prejudice with her because she was a female of color. 


This is her story with racism and what she learned from it. 

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