Connections Bookstore


The purpose of the Bookstore is to provide our CommUnity with Sacred books/items that support the individual’s Spiritual Evolution. 
We do this by offering books/items that are Universal, nontraditional, interfaith; creating an open-mindedness through positive, uplifting exploration. 
Announcing the return of Sunday Services CD duplication. Cost of the CD is $4.00. We will duplicate the requested CD sometime during the week and you may pick it up on the following Sunday. CDs may be mailed, a $1.00 mailing fee will be added.
Wanted: Gently used Spiritual books. If you are currently cleaning out your books, please think of donating them to the bookstore. 
Thank you for supporting our Unity Connections Bookstore!
Blessings, Cynthia Biddle, Manager






May 1 thru July 31, 2019
Final weeks sale:  10% discount on all Photography
For 50 years I have been a photographer and have taken pictures all over the world. But it has just been recently that I have felt drawn to share my collection of photos.  We each see the world very differently and, in my creations, I try to capture and share my unique perspective.
 My Works:  This is a simple offering of some more recent works.
Flowers; flowers are the ultimate expression of form function and beauty. The offering is of mostly flowers found growing in NC and Georgia including Daffodils, Cherry, Azaleas, Magnolia, Phlox and Tulips.  Rendered on 5”x7” wood panels the format and size can be easily shared and displayed, and they make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.
Nature; Using a mixed medium technique of photo and paint overlay to capture and express the beauty of nature and the interplay of man’s creations. Landscapes, art pieces. Includes the Chihuly exhibit at the Biltmore, Calloway Gardens, Savanah Georgia and the Blue Ridge mountains. Rendered on small and medium size canvas.