Cosmic Light. Inner Light. With Dr. Christine Page - Wednesday, June 23rd

Join Dr. Christine Page for an online workshop Cosmic Light. Inner Light.

Wednesday, June 23rd, 7 - 9 PM

The summer solstice is a time of unique celebration when the inspirational light of the bright Sun lovingly embraces the creative light of Earth expressed in vibrancy, abundance and beautiful blooms.  Now more than ever before, it's time to shed fears and doubts and reveal ourselves as the light beings that came to Earth at this pivotal period to raise consciousness beyond anything seen before on this planet, resonating with cosmic divine light.
The cosmic light entering our planet during this 2021 summer solstice is more powerful than ever before, with new revelations about our intimate connection to Heaven and Earth and support to fulfill our destiny.
For those who are ready, the brilliance of the light shatters illusions, revealing us as light beings that came to Earth at this pivotal period to expand consciousness.
Raised  in  the  UK, Christine  Page, MD is an engaging intuitive, mystic, doctor, author, speaker and teacher - using humor, personal experience and brilliance to convey profound messages about consciousness and heart-soul centered wellbeing.
Registration: $45
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