Event & Facility Rental Fees

2019 Event Rental Fees:

(The fees are in addition to room rental fees. Once Event is apporived, to secure the space, a deposit for the Administrative/Facility Fee must be made in Advance)

Administrative/Facility Fees:

During Regular Staff Hours: $35        Evenings/Weekends/Mondays: $75

Autdio/Visual Fees: (These services are provided only if a technician /resources are confirmed)

Audio Technician:         Two-Hour Minimum:  $50 /HR 
PowerPoint Operator:  Two-Hour Minimum:  $50         Hours Thereafter: $20
Videographer Fee:         Two-Hour Minimum:  $100       Hours Thereafter: $50   *Editing Services Not Provided

Romm Rental Fees (Administrative/Facily Fees and Audio/Visual Fees are Additional)

Chapel (30+ people)                                            $100 /HR     $350 4-Hour Rental      $500 5-Hours Rental

Muli-Purpose Room (30 people or less)        $  25 /HR

Kitchen Rental                                                       $100 (You set up & Cleanup)

Patio in Conjunction with Indoor Rental        $  50 (Flat Rate)

Tables/Chairs On-Site Use                                 $  60 Tables (You Move & Replace) (28 Tables Available)
                                                                                    $  60 Folding Chairs (You Move & Replace) (45 Available)


Facility Rental Process:

1. Complete the form below to confirm facility and resources availability or call Unity of The Blue Ridge's Office Administrator at 828.891.8700.

2. After form has been completed and reviewed, you will be contacted by The Unity of The Blue Ridge's Office Aministrator for the Event approval status.

3. If the Facility Rental for the Event is approved, further details will be required and preliminary cost and deposit will be discussed.

4. Final payment is due on date of Event.