12 Powers - Spiritual Tools for an Abundant Life, Every Other Tuesday, 6:30 - 8 PM

Join Rev. DeBorah for 12 months of Power and let 2021 be Your year of personal EMPOWERMENT. 

Have you ever wanted to integrate the 12 Spiritual Faculties of Man into your daily life?

Have you wanted your family, children and community to embrace the power that is within each of us?

Living the 12 Powers is a 12-month journey to owning your 12 Spiritual Faculties. This group will meet, via zoom, twice a month for 12 months, beginning January 19th.  Each month will be dedicated to the practice of one power. You will be challenged to integrate the teachings of the 12 Powers into every aspect of your life and you will experience the beauty and the strength that is you; As you become even more aligned with your higher self.

Jump in! You can join any time!  To register, click HERE.