Sound Immersion with Joey Dukes - Wednesday, December 15th

Align yourself by listening to the powerful vibrations of Joey Dukes’ Gongs, Bells and Bowls program. The evening will begin with Joey sharing an explanation of this powerful modality in sound healing, followed by his performance; during which participants are encouraged to get comfortable and allow the sounds to wash over and through you. Gongs, Bells and Bowls…Meditation, Contemplation and Relaxation.

Sound Immersion December

For thousands of years gongs, with or without accompaniment, have been used as tools for energetic alignment and transformation.  
Joey Dukes created the Gongs, Bells and Bowls program while working at the Atlanta VAMC with veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This proved to be an effective way to facilitate relaxation and create the awareness of the possibilities for the mind to heal itself.

Feel free to bring your yoga mat or blanket to relax and soak in the sound!

Pre-Registration Required. This event has a limited capacity.   

Sliding Scale Fee of $15 - $25

To register, please click HERE.