Non-Partisan Election Prayer Vigil

We are inviting you to join in a Non-Partisan Prayer Vigil between now and Election Day.  Let's hold (non-partisan) sacred, loving space with a focus on healing, unity, kindness and dignity for our country and all humanity. Click on the link below to particiate!  

​Yes. I commit to join in the non-partisan prayer vigil for the upcoming 2020 Election!

By committing to this prayerful action, we invite you to set aside a specific time each day, perhaps a half hour or more (however much time you can dedicate), between now and Election Day, to hold prayerful vigilance for the upcoming election and our country.  A few years back, some of our members went to the polls and offered Non-Partisan Hugs!  This was so well-received and while we cannot offer that during these times, we can offer to dedicate prayerful intention for the highest and best for our country!  A non-partisan, unbiased view allows us to focus on unity, peace, compassion and love. 

At Unity of The Blue Ridge, we come from all walks of life, faiths and spiritual traditions. What brings us together as a community is our commitment to honor the Sacredness within each and every individual — and work together to be a presence for good in our world. 

Please join us by signing up to articipate in this Non-Partisan Prayer Vigil. Thank you!