Conscious Dying Conversations Class Resources

  Class Led by: Rev Morgan Barclay
Class Resource Documents


Conscious Dying Class Outline_2024
Five Wishes
Contact Family Members
Grief Journal
Personal Death Awareness
Roadmap Worksheet For Heirs


Resource Links
Sample North Carolina Living Will
North Carolina Health Care Power of Attorney

Multiple free and low-cost services available with an internet search.   Be mindful of the complexity of assets before attempting to create your own will.

How to Talk to Someone Who Has Recently Experienced the Experienced te Death of a Loved One:
Additional Training Websites
Conscious Dying Institute

National organization that conducts training in Asheville on a regular basis

Center for End of Life Transitions (Asheville based)

Offers several courses for those interested in preparing for life transitions. 

Four Winds Institute           

Offers on line and in person training in the ancient Shamanic traditions