Walk the Labyrinth

Unity of The Blue Ridge is home to a beautiful outdoor labyrinth created in the Classic Labyrinth style, the oldest labyrinth design known in the world, dating back to at least 3500 BCE.  This CommUnity Labyrinth is open to anyone in the community and is wheelchair accessible. Dedicated in September 2009, our 7-path Labyrinth is 50' diameter, with a hardpack white gravel surface between rows of bricks, for easy access for people walking or in a wheelchair. Through volunteer labor and membership donations, our labyrinth has grown to include benches, landscaping, and birdhouses, all designed to create a place of peace to connect with Spirit and nature.

Walking a Labyrinth (one suggestion … not the only way!)

Pause at the entrance to the labyrinth for a moment of silent reflection. Enter the labyrinth and breathe smoothly. As you make your way to the center, you may choose one of the following activities:
1. Allow your mind to quiet
2. Pray for yourself or someone else
3. Keep a question in mind and notice how the question feels in your body and emotions

Within the center, release from your mind and heart any prayer, concern or question and give it to Spirit (as you understand Spirit) to handle.

When you are ready to leave the center, retrace the path from the center back out.

Upon leaving the labyrinth, offer thanks for the opportunity to bring Divine strength and wisdom into your daily life.