Construction News!

August 6, 2020

Reaching New Heights!  Pictured above, crews work to replace rotted fascia boards.

The week in review: This past week’s weather has been a bit of a game changer.  The crews have managed to work between rain showers in continuing the reconstruction of the rear wall.  A concrete footing has been poured along the entire length of the wall’s base.  From that footing upwards, an extensive framework is being erected to completely encase the existing vertical metal tubes.  That will provide for a smooth surface on which the new siding will be placed.  When finished, the church will experience a weatherproofing never experienced before!

Stay tuned:  The amount of work required to rebuild the rear wall is extensive, and will take several weeks to complete.  Once completed, the painters will paint the rear wall, and exposed structural steel exoskeleton prior to constructing the new pavilion roof structure.

As always, feel free to drive by and check out the progress for yourselves!

July 23, 2020

Construction is on track! With the exception of the rear wall & main entrance, the entire church has now been sided with new HardiePlank, and trimmed out with Miratec. The durability of this new siding and trim is accompanied by a 20 year warranty! The siding contractor is now actively engaged in rebuilding and waterproofing the church’s rear wall.
Stay tuned! Once the rear wall is complete, the painters will begin their magic throughout the exterior; from the front door to our exposed metal exoskeleton. As always, feel free to drive by and check out the progress for yourselves!


July 16, 2020

Construction is in full swing!

Look at our church! It is being beautifully transformed, even it its primer colored state! Our siding subcontractor will continue the extensive process of stripping the existing siding and prepping for the new HardiePlank lap siding, as they wind their way around the building. Feel free to drive through and take a peek! You'll be amazed!

Stay tuned! Next on the list will be the saw cutting of six areas on the rear exposed concrete slab. These six areas will become the new footings for the columns that will support our new roof!


Construction has begun!

On Tuesday, July 7th, hammers officially began swinging! Our siding subcontractor has begun the extensive process of stripping the existing siding and prepping for the new HardiePlank lap siding. Due to the enormity of the project, it is expected to be completely installed by mid-September. Stay tuned! We will keep you updated with other projects as we are informed.











On Tuesday, May 26TH two significant documents were signed!  

One - our financial loan commitment with Home Trust Bank.   This loan will allow us to immediately finance our construction, while our pledges and contributions are applied to the loan balance over the next three years.

Two - we also signed our construction contract with our General Contractor, Carolina Specialties Construction (CSC). 

Over the next three weeks CSC is focused on many of the ‘behind the scene’ administrative work; from ordering materials to obtaining permits through the county’s building department.

When Will the Construction Begin?

7/2 - 7/6  MOBILIZATION:  Support equipment (tools, dumpsters, porta-potties, etc.) are moved into place.

7/6  CONSTRUCTION EXPECTED TO BEGIN:  Existing siding and underlayment removal will begin.  This process of removing the existing siding, and the installation of the new siding is expected to be completed by mid-August.

What About Our HVAC Replacement, TPO Roof, and New Roof Over the Patio?

We are being told that this work will be beginning early September.  This is due to the lead time it’ll take the supply chain to make these supplies available. We will continue to update you as time passes, and work progresses.

A BIG Note of Gratitude and Shoutout 

Along with the pledges and contributions of our congregation, and the Capital Campaign Committee, there have been so many others that were instrumental in delivering us to this moment.

FINANCE/LOAN COMMITTEE:  Judie McKown and Michael Winner

RtR BUILDING TEAM:  Rev. Darlene, Ellen Winner, Joe Weigner, Gayle Ray, Deanne McCollum, Tia Holmes, and Michael Morano

BOARD of TRUSTEES:  Rev. Darlene, Ellen Winner, Bobbie Flowers, Cherl Decristofaro, Brian McGrady, Gayle Ray, Sharon Oxendine, Fred Racey, Michael Morano, and former members, Deanne McCollum, Terri Crosby and Mike Chatten.