Zoom Events at Unity of The Blue Ridge!



Coffee, Conversation & Connections with Rev. Morgan Barclay

Wednesdays at 11:00am


Join Rev. Morgan Barclay at 11:00am each Wednesday for an informal Zoom gathering where you can briefly share your current spiritual journey, talk informally with fellow congregants, and just hang out together.  You can feel free to drop in any week, and leave the gathering at any time. You can even collect a virtual hug!

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Meeting ID: 884 2022 7866  Password:  271777




Compassionate Listening

with Pam & Charley Rogers

Tuesday, June 23  6:30 - 8:30pm 


"The shortest distance between two people is story."

"An enemy is one whose story has not been heard."

These two quotes capture the need for and power of Compassionate Listening, which is a deep listening experience, not to convert or convince, but to understand and "see" a person beyond any labels. 

Compassionate Listening is a skill that was developed many years ago to bring Israelis and Palestinians together, and since has been used for a variety of relationship-building purposes. It is a specific structure and form of dialogue that allows us to hear another's story and to reach through layers of defensiveness to inquiry and mutual understanding. The Rogers have been trained in and have facilitated the activity for many purposes during the past five years. 

Join us in learning the why and how of Compassionate Listening, and in mastering a tool you can use to deepen any relationship.  

To register for the class, go here:  Compassionate Listening

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PEAK - Family Estrangement Book Study & Support Group

with Peter Gollup & Karen-Eve

7 Weeks - Tuesdays on Zoom

6:30 - 8:30pm June 2 - July 14


Unity Members Peter Gollup and Karen-Eve are facilitating a 7-week book group for parents estranged from any of their adult children to support them in healing and moving forward in their own lives.  The group welcomes anyone experiencing estrangment as the book's concepts apply to all types of estrangement.  Please by the PEAK book by Fe Anam Avis from Amazon.com and read through pages ix-25 for June 2. 

A testimonial from a previous PEAK group:

Your book study, Parents of Estranged Adult Children (PEAK) both touched and healed nerves that have throbbed for decades. For many, being estranged from our children is a hurt of the deepest order and profound confusion. We feel baffled, helpless, angry, and heartbroken, all at the same time. 

Over the course of the study, scales were lifted, paths were explored, decisions were made and peace was tasted, more than once.  Participants felt like new shoots breaking through the surface of a crusted-over earth and, as the air smells sweet during a Spring rain, the new perspectives and friendships from the group started their natural process of nourishing and renewing everyone's spirits as the fresh new growth of a path to fulfillment emerged.  Each week, by choosing a 'Focal Point' which highlighted a specific path toward healing, noticeable progress was realized.  Thank you, Grace!

If you have questions email Peter at:  peterlgollup@gmail.com

More information is available here.  

To register, go here:  PEAK  A confirmation email and Zoom link will follow your registration. 



Owning Your Innate Spiritual Powers

with Rev. DeBorah Ogiste

4 Weeks - Wednesdays at 7:00pm

May 27 * June 3 * June 17 * June 24

Join Rev. DeBorah for this introduction to awakening and activating your Twelve Spiritual Faculties of human. Are you ready to take your life to the next level of spiritual consciousness?  This course is based on Charles Fillmore's, "The 12 Spiritual Faculties of Man."

Ed Rabel wrote that "Until a certain level of spiritual consciousness is attained, our twelve powers serve mostly selfish purposes.  But there are higher purposes in store for us."

As we delve into the meaning and functions of the 12 Powers during this 4-week introductory class, you may be awakened to doing the spiritual work that is necessary for you to find the higher purpose that is in store for you.

For more information and to register, go here:   Spiritual Powers

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Diversity Enrichment Program Book Group "Me and White Supremacy" 

with Rev. Deborah Ogiste & Rev. Michelle Smith

2nd & 4th Thursdays  6:30 - 7:30pm

May 28-August 6, 2020

Designed to help people of privelege learn to recognize, process, heal and dismantle the opressive system of racism. A weekly journaling practice is involved.Please purchase the book prior to the class.  (Available at various online booksellers).  This class is offered on a love-offering basis.  Scholarships are available. 

Registration for this group is now closed.   







Lessons in Truth 6 week class with Rev. Morgan Barclay

May 11 - June 15 7:00pm

Join Rev. Morgan Barclay for a six week Zoom course on Unity’s classic work, Lessons in Truth by Emille Cady.  The course will begin on Monday, May 11th at 7:00pm and will conclude on June 15th.  The course is limited to a maximum of 12 participants, with a minimum of 6 participants.  To ensure maximum participation pre -registration is required. 

This course will dig deep into Cady's and early New Thought ideas and we look forward to our shared experience. 

Please complete the first two chapters of the volume before the first class. 

Registration for this class is now closed.  

Go here for a pdf copy of the book:   "Lessons in Truth."